Creating content isn’t always a walk in the park where the sun shines brighter than ever before. In fact, most of the times it feels like you’re trying to swim but the current keeps pushing to the opposite direction.

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A great part of business and marketing is becoming more and more automated, but the content creation is still a very “manual” job.

Fear not! I have some tools and resources that might help you creating content much easier and maybe help you out flow the processes.


Google Webmaster Tools

google websmaster tools


So, new client in town and you’re trying to do SEO and keyword research, huh?

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great help. You can check things like: number of indexed pages to your website or submit your website to Google so you’re getting crawled and indexed and it even gives you information about search queries that have a large volume of impressions but low click through rate (CTR).

If you compare the data to your other analytics data it can help you uncover some opportunities that may “stand you out from the crowd”.



ciphy tools content marketing


Do you know that coworker that always find the perfect reaction gif for your social media post? Yeah, I’m (pretty) sure he finds it here.

Giphy has a Chrome extension completely free for you to use and abuse! You’ll be able to find the perfect reaction as quickly as your coworker. All you have to do is to open Chrome, search, choose the perfect GIF and drag and drop.

Heads-up! This is a tool that is always in constantly expanding support, so far it works on Gmail, Twitter, Facebook but who knows what’s the limit?



canva too content marketing


So, you're more of a visual content kind of person, but you need something quick and easy to manage, then Canva is just the right thing for you!

I know the time and the resources that takes to learn design or/and get inspired to create the most beautiful post that your client has ever seen and it’s even harder if you have a long list of to do’s standing right in front of you, but hey, Canva offers you an incredible amount of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate as you wish and add your own touch. The best part: it’s free!



content marketing grammar


Hey copy! Do you need a second or even a third look on your words?

Grammarly tracks every mistake you might have on your speech for social media and it even connects with them.


Blog Topic Generator

content marketing tips tools blog

When you need to write a blog post but you’re not sure on the title to get your creativity moving – try HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

You only have to enter a few keywords that your blog focus on and it will give you a week’s worth topic ideas for you. It will give new points of view for topics you’ve written about before.


Do you know any other tools?

Share them in the comments section below.


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