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ERROR 404: Why it happens and how to stop it!

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There’s no running away from problems. You just have to own up to your mistakes and come to terms with the consequences. Easy, right?



Today, I’m going to talk to you about how you can help yourself not to make so many mistakes at work. This is a subject that hits close to home.

I’m a very easily distracted person, the sort of person that would leave the toaster on and go straight out the door without a care in the world. And that’s all fine. Perhaps. Until it’s not.


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When you want to be a hardcore professional girl, especially a professional in content creation, errors are simply… not acceptable. When a client’s image is on the line they can’t happen.


First of all, breathe. Then reflect on it. Then act on it.

STEP 1: Which one are you?

According to recent psychological studies, when it comes to mistakes, there are two types of people:

Type A: People that just stay calm and collect themselves in the face of a mistake. (oh, how I envy them!) They just need to adjust their focus and are much more likely to learn from their mistakes so they will not happen again easily.

Type B: People who panic. (uh, that’s sooo me.) People who can’t get over their mistake are more likely to keep doing it in the future.

Choose carefully.

STEP 2: Understand your mistake!

Keep your mistakes on a lockdown.

Record and keep a personal log on your every mistake.

  • Lose your keys

  • Forget the kettle on

  • Misspell a word

  • Copy and paste wrong (yeah, it could happen!)


Identify a reason for the mistake to happen and write down the steps you followed in order to identify where the mistake occurred and how you could avoid them:

  • Where you in a rush?

  • Where you in a rush because you procrastinated?

  • Where you stressed about something else?


This way, you will understand the reasons why your mistakes keep happening and where the pattern is, if there is one.



STEP 3: Talk about it!

This is something you can’t be ashamed of, I know it’s hard but you have to face it and own up to it.

If these mistakes keep happening at work, then seek the advice of someone who has more experience than you and talk to that person about it. You are going to realize that mistakes are common, you are only human but there is an urgent need to suppress them.


STEP 4: Organization is the key!

  • Use checklists and to do’s.

  • Prioritize.

  • Simplify your schedule. Fewer tasks mean the work would be easier and better.

  • Ask for help. If your eyes can’t identify the mistakes maybe having someone else revising your work should be the way.

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Above all, stay strong and don’t bring yourself down. However, take every mistake you make seriously, especially if it’s in the workplace. Face them, breathe and deal with the consequences. Whatever they might be.


We will make it happen