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My first 100 days 100% remotely at Vitamina

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100 days! I started to work for Vitamina in a middle of a pandemic crisis, so I didn’t have the opportunity to meet anyone physically. It was difficult in the beginning to get all the processes and the specifications from the clients since a lot of information was shared during the first weeks.

Working remotely is a day-by-day challenge, with a mix of benefits and limitations. Without a good and united team, it wouldn’t be easy to adapt to this “new normal”, but everything is possible when we have the right mood. Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to meet my colleagues, sometimes I feel I’ve been with them in the recent past.

If someone asked me for one advice about starting to work for a digital marketing agency during COVID-19, I would immediately say: give yourself time to learn and take a deep breath.

It’s not supposed for you to begin a new job with full knowledge of the processes. This is a new relationship between you and a new company and, to build it, there is a whole process to go through.

After 3 months, I feel more confident, integrated, and challenged to work with different clients every day. Even without knowing, some of them were already present in my life, which turned out to be a funny coincidence.

I would also take this opportunity to acknowledge my colleagues who were always patient and ready to help when I was lost. Besides them, the beginning of this journey wouldn’t also be the same without Zoe (my puppy), always ready to jump to my legs during some meetings.

My last advice? Face your life with a smile because we never know what will happen in the next second.

Diogo Santos, Copywriter


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