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Institutional Website

Adega de Borba

The project

With a history counting several centuries, Adega de Borba seeks to increase proximity to its target audience by facilitating access to a wide range of products and services related to enotourism.

Vitamina worked on the digital presence of the brand in the creation of its new website.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development
Visit the website https://adegaborba.pt/


  • Provide an excellent user experience
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Increase brand consciousness
  • Increase awareness in the international market

A true experience

Far beyond the wines and their unique characteristics, this project delivers a complete and intuitive experience of the wine world.

The new website presents the culture and history of the region, all the details of Borba’s terroir and invites users to learn more about the grape varieties, the terrain, and the climate.

With several dedicated enotourism spaces, users can book guided tours to the winery, wine tastings, seminars, and guarantee a special place in the restaurant to enjoy the region’s traditional dishes harmoniously paired with the Corporativa wines.

A site that breathes genuineness, freshness, and elegance

Featuring a modern, contemporary design and focused on user experience, the website was developed in WordPress, the most widely used CMS in the world. This solution offers many advantages due to the flexibility it provides in editing content in the Backoffice autonomously and freely, as well as a very clear interface.

Being the main form to use the internet, the website development privileged mobile responsiveness to adjust to all kinds of screens. In addition, the loading speed played a major role regarding Google recommendations and the optimization of the animations, transition effects, and typography used.

Structure, elements, and lots of content

Given the volume of information, which resembles a vineyard field with an infinite horizon, the challenge of this website required segmenting and filtering the content in order to turn something potentially complex into a guided and user-friendly experience. Learn more about the entire content curation process here.

With Alentejo landscapes as background, we managed to implement a very modern look’n feel, with minimalist design elements based on straight lines to transmit the brand’s contemporary and refreshing spirit and attention to detail.

The Adega de Borba leaves nothing untold

In order to reinforce its focus on digital, and as a result of careful and thorough research, Adega de Borba has now a new online space where user experience takes on particular emphasis.

A great example of this may be noted in the implementation of a responsive historical timeline with over 30 entries, that is, 30 “blocks” with visual and textual content that, using a more streamlined and flexible design, we improved the experience and made it easier to interact and read.

The website is carefully organized to enrich the experience by providing intuitive navigation both in the institutional pages and in the product pages where there is a very diverse offer. From the Presidents of Adega Cooperativa to the sustainable and innovative practices, to the freshness and aroma of the region’s wines, it is clear that each person who visits the website feels a closer relationship with the brand and leaves with an eternal invitation for a next visit.

As the agency responsible for the renewal of Adega de Borba’s online presence, we believe the new platform honors its legacy and values with distinctiveness.

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