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Home Collection


The project

Since 1922, Amalia Home Collection has been producing luxurious and artistic home textiles, made in Portugal, inspired by Portuguese culture and landscapes.

Vitamina. worked on the brand’s digital presence, through social media management and the development of the new institutional website and blog.

Content Marketing
UI/UX Web Design
Website Development


  • Awareness for the brand
  • Strong brand positioning in international markets
  • Qualified traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Sales in the USA online store

A piece of Portugal in your home

While developing the institutional website of the Amalia Home Collection brand, the proposition was: provide good sensations and convey the brand experience.

We wanted to create a website that would present all the important information about the brand and its bedding and furniture collections, easy to navigate, and simultaneously immersive with a strong sensorial component.

Based on the concept of the brand: “A piece of Portugal in your home” and the description “We believe that a bed linen piece should be comfortable like summer holidays and a true piece of art”, we developed a website rich in visual stimulation, using different videos for the Home Page – one video for each category of the Menu.

Being a luxury brand, it was also crucial to develop a sophisticated design line throughout the website and blog.

Playlists for every situation

The sensorial component is reinforced with the category “Listen to Portugal” – a sound gallery from Portugal, to relax, fall asleep and wake up, download, share on social media or send to a friend.

Mobile Experience

The site fully adapts to mobile, ensuring the same usability and quality experience in all screen formats with an efficient dynamic designed for mobile.

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