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Institutional website


The project

Azgard9 is a pakistani B2B company that dedicates its business to producing high-quality sustainable denim fabrics and garments for clients all over the world.

Vitamina. is responsible for the new website development, as well as social media and digital advertising management.

UI/UX Web Design
Digital Strategy
Website Development
Visit the website https://www.azgard9.com/


  • Deliver an impactful user experience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Capture leads
  • Increase sales


Future Before Fashion is the motto for the new website development. With this in mind, Azgard9 is heading towards an agile, sustainable, and cost-efficient future, working with cutting-edge technology and machines that embrace environmentally friendly circular processes.

Not only within the collections but throughout the entire website navigation, every single element speaks the language of innovation reflecting an exciting invitation for change, where the user is constantly drawn into.

From Pakistan to the world

The creation of the new website was a major paradigm shift, setting a new brand statement. Proud to be a Pakistani company, this was a major communication axis implemented since the former website was not clearly communicating its origin and pride in being ” Made in Pakistan”.

In terms of design, and in contrast to the old website that presented unclear navigation, the new proposal clearly confirms Azgard9’s pride in a country that is one of the leaders in denim production and its huge environmental commitment.

The website takes the user on a complete immersion into the world of denim through the history of the industry in Pakistan, the company’s journey, the collections, and the goals to ensure a circular and sustainable production. The new platform highlights a nation with a strong denim culture and a commitment to rapidly transform the fashion industry into a cleaner and ethical one.

Make Fashion Circular

Innovation and sustainability are both the keywords and the inspiration for the new website.

Entering their digital world, we can choose two paths: scroll up and we find out what comes before fashion, scroll down and we have tomorrow’s denim, brought today by Azgard9. Both paths meet in an infinite scroll that represents the circularity that the company stands up for.

Every step counts

With a strong sense of innovation in everything they work on, AZG9 has been changing not only the world but also its brand. The new website portrays exactly that: a new strong visual identity that shows passion, experience, and a bold business with a renewed determination to do even more. This proved to be an effective strategy to strengthen its focus on digital.

Along with this clearly out-of-the-box approach, we also focused on mobile optimization to promote intuitive and dynamic navigation as the colors, animations, and transition effects are presented.

Living the imagination

This project made Vitamina. came up with an innovative concept that would rise to the clients’ ambition. We are very pleased with the idea’s implementation by Azgard9 as well as the consequent materialization of the graphic part, the communication, and the user experience.

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