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Institutional website


The project

Billomat is a German company specialized in developing invoicing solutions for small and medium-sized companies to make accounting as easy as possible.

It has chosen Vitamina. as a partner for the design and development of the new website.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development
Visit the website https://www.billomat.com/en/


  • Deliver an impactful user experience
  • Increase awareness
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Ultra-fast page speed load

It’s time to scale a business

Since Billomat operates in a highly competitive market, all the details make the difference. The solution proposed by Vitamina. results in a platform that adapts to each kind of persona, making the user experience an easy one.

Getting a clear solution

The main goals of this project were the creation of a platform that would show the brand’s positioning, reflect better their benefits as well as be able to result in better conversion of clients, in an easy, fast, and online way.

All this is reflected in a website that covers 4 languages, German being the main one.

Accounting doesn't have to be complicated

To enable new users to have their first contact with Billomat and get direct answers, several pathways have been created on the homepage through a clear and intuitive dropdown menu.

Therefore, seven personas were defined, including “Starting a business”, “Found an association” or “Becoming Self Employed” to create the best possible online customer experience, not only to raise awareness but also to take users to the next step of the acquisition journey.

A great amount of the work also involved extracting data and information from the previous website and organizing it in the new structure created to simplify access and improve SEO.

Fast site speed

As a sign of quality user experience, we made it possible for everyone to get the most relevant information as clearly and simply as possible, making more room for the more important aspects of their business life.

Miha Mallinger, Billomat’s head of Digital Operations:

“We approached Vitamina. with a pretty clear goal, to have the fastest Website on the market and build up to the latest Google standards. Their approach to digital projects is first-class and their in-house knowledge gives us every confidence that there’s plenty more to come.”

Effortless Collaboration

This project was extremely challenging, with more than 1000 hours of development, for an especially demanding client in terms of website speed and user experience.

From the first minute, the collaboration between the two companies was extremely dynamic, based on proximity and openness.

From designers, to project managers, we trust to say that it was an “organic fusion” that made the speed and quality of delivery possible.

Miha Mallinger, Billomat’s head of Digital Operations:

“One last thing that was very crucial for us was the delivery day, which was in our case very tide, and they managed to achieve it. Thank you again Vitamina for your awesome work!”

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