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High Performance Wheels


The project

Blackjack is part of RODI – SINKS & IDEAS, S.A, a Portuguese company located in Aveiro. This company aims to produce specialized high-quality products, focusing on the cycling area.

Vitamina. worked the digital presence of the brand through the development of a new website, activations in social media networks, and implementation of email marketing campaigns.

UI/UX Web Design
Graphic Design
Digital Strategy
Website Development
Visit the website https://blackjackwheels.com/


  • Awareness for the brand
  • Strong brand positioning in national and international markets
  • Developing a website that delivers a great user experience
  • Generate qualified traffic

Cycling it’s a lifestyle

The new graphic line of Blackjack started from the brand’s need for communication that could carry the adrenaline and young spirit of a community that searches daily for new adventures.

The new website presents, therefore, all the information about Blackjack collections of rims, wheels, and accessories for bikes for any type of environment. It has smooth navigation, with a direct language, which arouses interest for the solutions that best serve the user which was the great focus for developing the website.

Blackjack is based on the concept “High-Performance Wheels” and it was based on this that we have developed a website, which through 3D animations reinforce the quality of the brand.

The graphic line that goes along the entire website is transported to social media networks through an irreverent and challenging design line.

Get real with the true 360º Blackjack experience

Based on the premise – cycling is the best medicine against bad mood and a passion that knows best when shared – the backoffice of the website integrates the 360º display of the pieces so that the user can feel the adrenaline even before equipping the bike.

Compare products and find the best solution for your bike

Through a filter system, the user can find the most suitable materials for the bike with no worries. Compare models, diameters, shaft systems, materials, among other technical specifications.

Find a distributor near by

Blackjack doesn’t have an online store to purchase the products, but through a geolocation system, the user can find the nearest distributor of its place of interest. The brand also offers the possibility of registering new distributors and all they need to do is to fill up a form.

Go Mobile or Go Home

The website fully adapts to mobile, ensuring the same usability and quality experience in all screen formats with an efficient dynamic designed for mobile.

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