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The project

BMcar is a company that guarantees qualified technical services and has facilities and equipment perfectly adapted to the BMW brand.

It has taken Vitamina. as its co-pilot in the creation of strategically thought campaigns for the sales and service segments of its vehicles.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development


  • Notoriety of BMW and MINI models
  • Database capture
  • Reinforcement of brand positioning

Grab your life by the steering wheel

BMCar guarantees that all parts of your vehicle are checked during a trip. Vitamina. secured all the communication pieces of BMcar and accelerated the communication strategy of the brand, through campaigns specially built for the BMW and MINI models.

The focus was on the launch of the BMW X2 – “its distinctive shape, combined with its dynamic profile, gives it an extremely sporty coupé style.” Perfect for your everyday life.

MINI dreams maximum pleasure

The graphic and textual approaches makes the user experience a sense of total immersion in the brand universe. The landing pages will cause navigation as fluid as the one you experience driving one of the models marketed by the brand.

All campaigns culminate in the moment where the visitor finds his dream model. Vitamina. successfully circumvented the campaigns implemented by targeting well defined objectives:

Leads generation for test drive

The capture of qualified leads for test drive marking of the BMW and MINI models, as well as the presentation of the new BMW X2 model, was the main focus of the campaigns launched.


  • Hundreds of thousands of ad views
  • Thousands of visits to the landing pages
  • Hundreds of qualified leads
  • Dozens of Test Drives scheduled
  • Increased brand awareness BMcar

Free check up

Because BMcar’s priority is the well-being of your car, the landing pages designed for your vehicle’s free checkup campaign were responsible for:


  • Dozens of qualified leads
  • Increased brand awareness BMcar

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