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Institutional website

Critical Manufacturing

The project

Critical Manufacturing is a company that empowers high-performance operations making Industry 4.0 a reality for manufacturers worldwide.

Boasting a long-standing relationship in creating lead generation campaigns, Vitamina. was entrusted to develop the new institutional website.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development


  • Deliver an excellent user experience
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Capture leads

Selling a promise to the future

As a response to the evolving world of high-tech manufacturing, Critical Manufacturing consistently conducts all of its business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity and the new website is a perfect illustration of that.

Living up to its most innovative, comprehensive, and modular MES, the new website reflects the ambition of a company that seeks to empower multiple complex discrete manufacturing anytime, anywhere.

Make Industry 4.0 a Reality

The previous website was showing some signs of age made evident by the poor and confusing navigation experience but also because it was implemented in an obsolete CMS with many technical constraints. Taking advantage of the world’s most used CMS, WordPress, the agency was able to build countless pages that best represented the brand’s spirit of innovation. This system offers total flexibility to the client to edit content in an easy and intuitive way.

Nuno Costa, Web Developer, highlights the fact that the project has a modular structure where “one block can be used on more than one page or resource. We developed the site with this premise, which resulted in a more dynamic backoffice for our client, they can define which blocks they want to include and in which order they will be available. The reuse of the blocks doesn’t make the code so extensive, and allied with frameworks and SEO optimizations makes the site faster and smoother to navigate.”

Whether they are companies that have already implemented the MES solution or are still considering and learning about this software, the new website takes a clear look at what they need to know to reduce inefficiencies in production processes, helps promote the current partners, and enables the clients to find the right partners to increase their productivity, anywhere in the world.

Workflow Management

This is an industry with a huge amount of technical and complex information and the challenge was solved with a meticulous and collaborative workflow.

Marina Costa, Project Manager, believes that “a determining factor for the success of each project is the existence of real teamwork between Vitamina and the client. In the case of this website, due to the complexity of the theme and the enormous amount of information, this belief was even stronger.”

“Thus, from day one, we established a dynamic of constant communication with the client that allowed us to perceive, beyond the initial requirements, the needs that have arisen over time.”

Chasing a completely different approach, we have created a new website that displays a fast and engaging web design, optimized for the mobile experience, featuring intuitive navigation that makes the most of high-quality visuals.

Web Design that converts

There was a lot of UX work involved to map and organize the user’s path through the website, along with three implemented languages (English, German, and Chinese), intensive content research, and new brand identity elements.

Making good use of a small set of colors, extensive iconography and smooth animations have given this website character and depth.

The success of the digital transformation was strongly committed considering the user experience and increased lead generation. We have worked on more than 50 different layouts, processed and edited more than 200 images and illustrations, and developed more than 120 icons!

A narrative that helps pace the site and set the tone for each section

From a narrative standpoint, the website is designed to make the navigation feel natural, made evident across a visual hierarchy, ensuring that users reach every information point and every CTA strategically placed throughout the layout.

It allows users to find different paths streamlined to meet their needs. The goal is to make this revolution accessible to all companies in the market by offering a holistic view of the constant pace of innovation.

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