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Fuel your ambition


The project

Fuel is a program developed by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) with the objective of accelerating innovative projects that combine science and creativity by using Key Enabling Technologies (KET).

Vitamina. was the agency selected to create the branding as well as all of the communication strategy for the brand.

UI/UX Web Design
Digital Strategy
Website Development
Performance Marketing & Automation
Visit the website https://fuelyourambition.eu/


  • Establish a coherent image between all of the communication pieces: name, logo, signature, digital platforms – website
  • Strengthen the differentiation of this program to others that follow the same line
  • Development of a solution that corresponds to the target audience: creative, irreverent, contemporary

Fuel your ambition

The development of the visual identity of the Fuel program was based on the linguistic definition of “to fuel”, which has the meaning of replenishing with energy or fuel, to achieve the desired reaction that is acceleration.

Why the sunflower?

It points to project growth (grow/blossom) and represents something that feeds off of energy and accompanies the energy source (its movement accompanying the direction of sunlight).

It is an element that is connected to fuel, creativity and technological innovation, due to its high oil content, that has seen it being used as a very useful source for ecological fuels such as biodiesel.

Also, it is a surprising, creative and fresh organic element, that balances the technological elements present in the logo and throughout the website. By applying an organic element it also refers to creativity, something that is free and natural.

Adaptation to several uses

The Fuel website is designed to respond to various types of access – from desktop to mobile devices, this project has an adaptability suitable to all kinds of experiences.

The Fuel program also has a dedicated platform.

Fuel your ambition on social media

By way of a distinctive language, the Fuel program is accompanied by an assortment of communication pieces for social media use. Publications go along with event communication and the progress of program applications.

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