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Dreamers’ Blog


The project

We were Honda’s co-pilot in the development of the new blog: “Dreamers’ Blog”.

Honda is a leading brand in the automotive sector, with a history marked by great technological advances and right steps towards the future of the sector.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development


  • Provide a great user experience
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Capture emails
  • Generate story submissions (user-generated content)

A Trip to the Past

The blog has an area dedicated to the history of the brand, where it is possible to discover the stories behind the birth of the company and to know some remarkable moments of its path.

In this area, several curiosities related to the Honda universe are shared by the brand, which is a much wider universe than one can imagine.

Tips, Car Models, and Racing

There is an area in the Blog, where Honda fans can consult useful tips about their cars.

The blog also presents the best stories related to the brand’s iconic models, feeding the cult of different generations, and an area for racing enthusiasts.

Dreamers Community

The big news of this Blog is the creation of an area dedicated to the community, where they are invited to submit their best stories behind the wheel of a Honda and express their passion for the values ​​that the brand represents.

The goal is to promote the creation and sharing of original and personal content by the brand fans, in order to strengthen the sense of community.

This way, Honda reinforces its position and its belief in the power of dreams, this time giving voice to its community of dreamers.

Dynamics and Interactivity

In terms of design, the challenge was to reconcile the brand’s graphic identity with innovative elements and provide a pleasant, dynamic, and visually seductive user experience, able to appeal to interaction.

Adaptable to all formats

The blog adapts completely to mobile, ensuring an experience with equal usability and quality in all screen formats and a unique dynamic.

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