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The project

Nourish is a program developed by the Institute of Nanotechnology (INL) whose mission is to help industries become more efficient and effective.

A program to encourage unique projects that has the support of Vitamina. from branding development to communication strategy.

Digital Strategy
Performance Marketing & Automation
UI/UX Web Design
Website Development
Visit the website http://nourish.inl.int/


  • Program entries
  • Notoriety of the program
  • Database capture
  • Strengthen the position of INL as an Institute with a strong focus on initiatives related to entrepreneurship
  • Educate for the potential of Nanotechnology in Society and Business

Ready to nourish your business?

The branding development is based on a molecular concept. The shape presented in the logo, the union of three molecules, forming the letter “N”, seeks to be complete through a fourth molecule, in this case, the companies that will be part of the program.

The color palette that accompanies all communication, varies between shades of black, green and blue.

A platform full of good experiences

According to the concept created for the brand, the website was also designed through a molecular characterization, with the presence of circular elements and links between the various blocks.

The website of the Nourish program is built under the exponential use of mobile devices and can be consulted on any mobile device.

Nourish on Social Media

The development of several pieces of communication for dissemination in social media networks, namely Facebook and Linkedin, follow step by step the communication of events and progress of applications in the program.

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