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True Lovers

Os Tais do Vídeo

The project

Os Tais (do vídeo) are storytellers. Passionate professionals that aim to film true love and internalize unique brands. More than a video company, Os Tais have the power to capture feelings through their lens and contribute for the emotions to spread to the infinity and beyond.

Vitamina. assured their rebranding and development of the new website.

Graphic Design
Website Development
UI/UX Web Design
Visit the website http://ostaisdovideo.com/


  • Development of a new visual identity that reflects brand values
  • Construction of a platform that combines the portfolio, values, and experience of the company

Unique Stories. True People.

The professionalism of these storytellers marks a new phase in the work developed by Os Tais team, reaffirmed through the new visual identity.

We have started with a book. Symbol of storytelling, moments captured with emotion. Os Tais symbol. Step by step we have deconstructed the initial image of this object. This version, deconstructed, guides us to a new brand logo that aims to convey finesse on Os Tais and give a new form to the expression “handcrafted” by means of its irregular shape.

True Love Colors

Like the sequel to a story, the website is designed to show a succession of emotions that trap visitors to the authenticity of the team’s portfolio.

The transmission of the sense of storytelling and passion for capturing special moments culminates in the color that goes through all communication: magenta.

What’s your story?

Os Tais (do vídeo) want to be part of your story. With 12 years of experience, this team is characterized not only by production and performance but also by the delicate approach and the focus on different scenarios that make us dream beyond our experience.

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