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The project

Prudêncio is a leading company in the national market of waterproofing, with more than 40 years of existence.

Vitamina. was responsible for the digital presence of the brand, through the management of social media and the development of a new institutional website and blog.

UI/UX Web Design
Website Development
Digital Strategy
Visit the website https://prudencio.pt/en/


  • Create awareness for the brand
  • Reinforcing the positioning of the brand in the national market
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Capture contact requests
  • Increase sales volume

More than 40 years of experience finding the best waterproofing solutions

In the design of Prudêncio’s institutional website, the biggest challenge was to convey all the essential information in a clear, logical, and captivating way.

Being a company with a multiplicity of services and areas of activity in the construction industry, it was necessary to find a map of organization and interactivity that simplified the online experience of the different target audiences.

We wanted to develop a website that would present all the important information about the company’s services, reinforce its competitive advantages, and provide a pleasant user experience.

The storytelling of the website begins with the competitive advantage of the years of experience and brand expertise, to mark the positioning of the brand, and continues to highlight the company’s main solutions, areas of operation, services, and more relevant information for the decision-making process of potential clients – such as reference works, certificates, special conditions, and testimonials.

In the design of the website, coherence was sought with the offline supports, in order to reinforce the cohesion of the brand.

Tell what’s the problem, Prudêncio presents the solution

The Prudencio website is organized in such a way that it is possible to make a path corresponding only to the specific needs of each person who visits it – the visitor can choose to know more only about the area of ​​operation, the type of service and the solution that is looking for.

From offline to online

One of the challenges in the development of the website was the transposition of graphic elements from offline supports to online in a creative way. The solution was to give life to these elements, making them dynamic and interactive – as in the case of buildings illustrations.

In this way, it was possible to maintain the graphic coherence between all the supports, while improving the user experience of the website.

Animations as a distinctive factor

By its technical character, the area of ​​rehabilitation and waterproofing can be something gray in its communication. It was precisely what we wanted to counter, through the design and animated elements throughout the website.

Mobile Experience

The site has been designed to fully adapt to mobile, ensuring the same usability and quality experience in all screen formats.

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