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Why having a content strategy matters

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From a content marketer to another, we all know that work can get hectic! Chill, we have all been there.

From a content marketer to another, we all know that work can get hectic: “Need 10 posts about the car convention by the end of the week, oh! need to find an image that suits the copy of that Instagram post, for the ebook and I also need a list of at least 20 themes, etc.”

Suddenly, you feel the right side of your brain shutting down, no more creative days in the horizon and you can already see the demise of your passion for content.


Chill, we have all been there. Although, this perspective might be synonym to doom & gloom, don’t despair.

Content-focused business practices and process are relatively new and still evolving. Im a real content marketing strategist at a heart, not at all a content strategist. So, I did find it difficult (and still do sometimes) to balance both: the creative, fun side of content creation and the focus on the goals and outcome of the content.


You know in your heart that true valuable content is one that serves a specific purpose. You need to adapt your content not only to the business you are talking about but also to its goals. You need content to be more than just brilliant, you need it to effective. The Content Marketing Institute says that we need to talk about two types of jobs related to content: the content strategist and the content marketer

The difference between the two types of strategists, although a little hard to explain, it’s quite easy to grasp.

For starters, they have different purposes:

  • Content Marketer Strategist – Content Oriented –  makes great content, one that has the potential to go viral, makes editorial calendars like no one,  knows exactly which tone to adapt to your business.
  • Content Strategist – Market Oriented – turns content into a business, values content  based on the outcomes,  on the KPI’S, the numbers, sales and if the workflow process that can be easily reproduced.



Ideally in a super company there will be room for the two roles.

However not being able to afford the two, there is only one thing to do: become them both.


If you are capable of playing the two roles, not only will this enrich your work as it will enrich your multitasking and develop your business sense.

This will be an asset for any agency or company. Improvement of the results is always a goal to strive for.

And think you’d be like a super power, you would emerge in the room and a theme song will start playing and someone would say in voice over: “THE MASTER OF CONTENT” or something like, I mean…don’t get carry away.




We will make it happen